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Vellekoop Logistics are specialised in Project Cargo. We take care of the worldwide transport of cargo that is exceptionally large, wide, long, high and/or heavy. And we do it our way. Reliable, transparent, creative and comprehensive.
Trustworthy Vellekoop Logistics was founded in 2009. The founder, Richard Vellekoop, is a real transport-man at heart, and his experience goes right back to 1988. He and the entire Vellekoop team have all the necessary knowledge and contacts to deliver the best results for whatever kind of transport you need, no matter how challenging the load or the route. That’s something you can rely on. Transparent It’s easy for us to say that we are good at organising transport, but we also want you to experience this for yourself, on a continuous basis, throughout the entire transport process. So we maintain proactive communication with you during the whole route, keeping you updated with the location and progress of your goods. This means you know the exact route being taken and the exact time your goods will arrive at their destination. And if something isn’t clear, we are constantly at your service, even outside office hours, giving you peace of mind. Creative We don’t simply go for the shortest route from A to B; we choose the most efficient. We take a creative look at all the options – roads, inland shipping, rail, sea and air transport, and we leave nothing to chance.
We examine all applicable transport regulations, all possible obstacles and all maximum clearance heights and weights that are relevant to the transportation of your goods. This way we can assure that neither we nor you will not be faced with any surprises.
Comprehensive You don’t need to worry about anything. This is important to us, so we make sure of it. We provide a comprehensive service. We ensure the optimal transport of your goods, because we understand what the consequences can be for your business if there is a mistake or delay.
That's why we also check important preconditions: is the hoisting plan correct? Are your goods properly insured? In short: we coordinate all aspects of the transport.
Transport is my passion. Always has been and always will be. Especially Project Cargo, where no cargo and no route is the same, where you have to use your creativity and provide real added value for your customer. That's what I enjoy. And I see the same passion in my team. Together we go for the best result every day. For you. Richard Vellekoop
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